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Congratulation to your pregnancy!

It is my vision to make a real difference to your pregnancy and birth experience by empowering you as a pregnant woman, and your family with cultivating your health and positive well-being, inform you with latest science and best practice, and connecting you with other women on the journey to motherhood.

The fundamental aim of the courses and workshops is to help you develop the essential birth connection between motion (movement) and emotion, and placing you at the heart of the birth process.

If your focus is to…

  • become self-confident in your own ability when giving birth
  • prepare actively for birth with your birthing partner
  • get physically fit by joining our pregnant women’s walking group
  • pre-bond with your baby on much deeper level even before birth… or ideally all 4


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Sabina Handorf, Founder

keep_pregnancy_a_secret COME AND JOIN US!   Surround yourself with other pregnant women and their partners and be a part of our “expec+ing” community’. It is our aim to create a space feeding your heart with encouraging stories and your mind with the latest science. Let’s walk the journey together. Topics, dates and location will be up soon.

moom images DANCE AND ENJOY!   This is a special evening for you. Let us dance, move and connect. Draw strength from being nurtured with music, meditation and movement. I hope to see you soon. Come and join us in 24th March, 2015


Birth Dialogue


For women (∗partner)

∗ Partner evening follows after the workshop.

This two-day intensive birth workshop is designed for you to gain self-confidence in your own physical and mental ability to birth.

Read below what women say

Expecting Dialogue


For women & partner

Information will be available soon

Private Consulting &


For women & partner

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“I highly recommend this beautiful workshop as it built up my confidence and trust in my own body’s ability to delivery a baby healthily! It should be fully funded by the government health department as it would significantly reduce the large number of expensive and dangerous complications and interventions which often arise in giving birth”. 

Clara Moon, Auckland 2015


“The workshop definitely set me up for what was going to happen. I was really anxious and emotional about the birth process, but the course definitely empowered me to give birth because before I was thinking ” Oh my god, I just don’t know if I will able to do this’. With you and the time that you put into us that was definitely a turning point in my belief that I can do it. I remembered that feeling of just thinking “Oh my gosh, I can do this now, I feel empowered”.

Anna Mason, Auckland 2015

“For me with the workshop I kept feeling like I have already done this. I think without doing the course I would have gone into the experience much more naively and with probable not the same enthusiasm and optimism that I had gone into birth. I think it should be compulsory for women to have to do something like that to achieve maybe more natural positive birthing experience. I knew that I had it all within me and I had the tools to hold onto”.

Stephanie, Auckland 2015

The whole weekend was a definitely a light in the whole pregnancy for me. It was a very good programme, I actually felt this weekend was a treat rather than an obligation. The only thing that was missing was the partner block. Not as a part of the weekend but to follow up.

(Sabrina, Auckland 2014)

(The partner evening has been added to the programme since. Sabina Handorf)

Dear women and partner, if you have a question that are not answered within the website please feel free and contact me, either by email: or via phone 027 227318.